​​Amy Belding Brown

NOTE: I am not currently offering Manuscript Evaluations.  Check back in the spring of 2019 or contact me to inquire about rates and future availability.


Flight of the Sparrow: A Novel of Early America, historical fiction, published by NAL/Penguin, 2014
Mr. Emerson's Wife, historical fiction, published by St. Martin's Press, 2005
Strawberry Lace, light romance, published by St. Martin's Press, 1994
Island Summer Love, light romance, published by St. Martin's Press, 1992; condensed in Good Housekeeping Magazine, July 1991


"Chickory," Palo Alto Review, Fall, 2004
"What Shines," Worcester Magazine, (first prize, short story contest)  August, 2000
"Twister," Good Housekeeping Magazine, July, 1994
"Weeds," Yankee Magazine, July 1994
"One Good Eye," American Way, April, 1994
"Impromptu," American Way, November 1993
"Two Women Alone,"American Way, May 1993
"The Popcorn Pie," My Weekly UK), October 1992
 "Recipe for Love," Good Housekeeping, April 1992
 "When First He Kissed Me," Good Housekeeping, October 1990
"Covered Bridge," Puckerbrush Review, Summer 1990
"Visiting Hours," Kennebec, 1990
"Bed and Breakfast," Portland Review of the Arts, 1988
"Country Living," Portland Review of the Arts, 1988
"Love So Amazing, So Divine," Crazyquilt, September 1988

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I know, first-hand, the incredible amount of work that goes into writing a novel. I've also learned from experience that, before it's submitted for publication, a novel benefits from "fresh eyes" - someone who can read objectively and identify the places where the novel needs work.  Friends and relatives are usually eager to read your work, and they want to be helpful, but they can't be completely objective because they care about you.  They will often pull punches to avoid hurting your feelings, no matter how many times you tell them you want an honest evaluation.   But book publishing is a fiercely competitive business and it's difficult to find a home for even well-crafted novels.  Therefore, it's wise to make sure your novel is the very best it can be before you submit it to an agent or publisher.

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