​​Amy Belding Brown

A clean  manuscript is what we all aim for, but it's easy to miss your own mistakes.  A piece of writing - especially a long one - needs fresh eyes to pick up grammatical and punctuation errors and to note places where the text is confusing or repetitious. 


I will carefully read your novel and note places where changes could be made to improve the flow and pacing.  I will note mechanical and grammatical errors, correct your spelling, and make sure that each sentence makes sense and is linked to the sentences around it.  I will make recommendations on word choices and readability for your consideration.  I will also comment on:

  • your novel's style and narrative voice
  • the central conflict
  • settings, descriptions and scene development
  • use of dialogue
  • character development
  • effectiveness of the opening and closing chapters.

I'm experienced in using Microsoft Word's Track Changes, which allows the author full freedom to accept or reject editorial suggestions. 


Turnaround time depends on the length and complexity of the novel.


For current rates, contact me at amybeldingbrown@gmail.com

Line Editing