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You've written a novel.  Congratulations!  Finishing a novel is a major accomplishment - and a cause for celebration.  Now you want to get it in print. Self-publishing is one option.  But many writers prefer to see their work produced by an established publisher that will handle printing, distribution, and publicity and validate the worth of your novel.

The marketplace for contemporary fiction is fiercely competitive.  If an agent or editor finds that your novel's structure is weak, or your dialogue doesn't sound authentic, you won't get the chance to fix it and resubmit.  So it's crucial that you make your novel as good as it can be before you send it out.  A manuscript evaluation by a professional will identify your novel's strengths and weaknesses and offer specific suggestions to improve it. 

What to Expect in a Manuscript Evaluation

 My written evaluation of your manuscript will begin with my general impressions of the novel as a reader, and a brief summary of what the novel was about.  I will then move to a written analysis of:
            • your novel’s style and narrative voice
            • the central conflict
            • settings, descriptions and scene development
            • use and authenticity of dialogue
            • plot, structure and pacing
            • character development, point of view
            • effectiveness of beginning and ending
I also make notes in the manuscript margins (either in pencil, or using MS Word’s Track Changes function.)  In addition, I will analyze the book’s marketability and make specific suggestions for how you can improve and enrich your story. 

I offer a one-hour phone conversation about the manuscript, after you’re received and digested the evaluation.  This conversation gives you an opportunity to follow up with any questions. (I pay the phone charges if your location is within the continental United States.) 

Turnaround time depends on the length and complexity of the novel.

For current Rates, contact me at amybeldingbrown@gmail.com

Manuscript Evaluations