Wampanoag wetu interior construction, Plimoth Plantation

English Kitchen - fireplace, table & dishes, Plimoth Plantation

English outbuilding and stockade fence, Plimoth Plantation

Flight of the Sparrow - related photos

​​Amy Belding Brown

English stockade, Plimoth Plantation

English kitchen garden with raised beds, Plimoth Plantation

Wampanoag garden and crow watch tower, Plimoth Plantation

Inscription, carved into Redemption Rock in late 1800's.  It reads: Upon this rock May 2, 1676 was made the agreement for the ransom of Mrs Mary Rowlandson of Lancaster between the Indians and John Hoar of Concord. King Philip was with the Indians but refused his consent.

Exterior, Wampanoag wetu.  Plimoth Plantation

Wampanoag dugout canoe.  Plimoth Plantation

Redemption Rock, site of Mary Rowlandson's ransom